I'm in the Band (2009)

I'm in the Band (2009)

Year: 2009

Duration: 30 min

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Family, Music

Writers: Michael B. Kaplan, Ron Rappaport

Stars: Logan Miller, Steve Valentine, Stephen Full

A teenager becomes lead guitarist for his favorite washed up rock band trying to make a comeback. They let him be lead guitarist in exchange for letting them live in his house in the suburbs.

IMDb: TT1433495

Rating: 6.6/10 from 1388

Season -1
Season -1
Road Tripp E-1. Road Tripp
Tripp takes a mini concert tour with Iron Weasel around Southern California.
12 Jul 2010
What Happened? E-1. What Happened?
Ash gets stuck in a pickle costume; Burger's hand gets caught in a vase; Derrick helps Iron Weasel's biggest fan.
05 Jul 2010
I'm Out of the Band: Part 1 E-1. I'm Out of the Band: Part 1
Tripp admits to the band he wants to leave after an incident.
24 Jan 2011
Season 1
Season 1
Weasels in the House E1. Weasels in the House
After winning a radio contest getting to have his favorite band together, a 15 year old boy by the name of Tripp attempts to get Iron Weasel back on their feet if they let him join...
1 link 27 Nov 2009
I Wanna Punch Stuff E2. I Wanna Punch Stuff
Tripp writes a song after being dumped; a professional MMA fighter surprises the band.
1 link 18 Jan 2010
Slap Goes the Weasel E3. Slap Goes the Weasel
Iron Weasel makes their own handshake, which results in the injury of a 12 year old boy they must make amends for.
1 link 25 Jan 2010
Annoying Arlene E4. Annoying Arlene
Tripp takes a classmate on a date when he discovers her father is a record producer.
1 link 01 Feb 2010
Got No Class E5. Got No Class
Tripp and the band film a music video at the school.
1 link 08 Feb 2010
Cat-Astrophe E6. Cat-Astrophe
The guys believe they accidentally killed a cat of a major music producer.
1 link 15 Feb 2010
Flip of Doom E7. Flip of Doom
Iron Weasel is set to compete in a televised rock off against the reigning champions.
1 link 22 Feb 2010
Birthdazed E8. Birthdazed
Iron Weasel and Tripp's mother throw him a birthday party on the same day.
1 link 01 Mar 2010
Geezers Rock E9. Geezers Rock
The guys must help a retirement home shelter, when in fact they don't enjoy the elderly.
1 link 08 Mar 2010
Spiders, Snakes and Clowns E10. Spiders, Snakes and Clowns
Tripp books the members of Iron Weasel parts in new horror film that is filming in order to get the guys some exposure. Unfortunately however, the band is too scared to be a part o...
1 link 15 Mar 2010
Episode #2.24 E11. Episode #2.24
1 link
Magic Tripp E12. Magic Tripp
Tripp unintentionally breaks Derek's motorcycle on the same night Iron Weasel's former manager comes to dinner to put them back on top.
1 link 28 Jun 2010
Episode #2.27 E13. Episode #2.27
1 link
Happy Fun Metal Rock Time E14. Happy Fun Metal Rock Time
Tripp books an interview for the band; Beth takes a self defense class; Tripp gets sent to detention.
1 link 01 Nov 2010
Money Bags E15. Money Bags
Tripp convinces Laura, his girlfriend, to give up her wealthy lifestyle and cancels her 16th birthday party.
1 link 26 Jul 2010
Prank Week E17. Prank Week
Tripp plots revenge after Iron Weasel embarrasses him with a prank in front of the entire school.
1 link 19 Jul 2010
Izzy Gonna Sing? E18. Izzy Gonna Sing?
Izzy's dreams of being a rock star come true as she steps in to sing after a band member loses their voice.
1 link 18 Oct 2010
Weasels vs. Robots E19. Weasels vs. Robots
Tripp dreads the high school's annual career fair; ''Cool Awesome Wow'' magazine switches covers; Beth and Izzy look for new careers.
1 link 25 Oct 2010
Bleed Guitarist E20. Bleed Guitarist
Bleed, Iron Weasel's previous guitarist, turns up asking for his job back.
1 link 23 Aug 2010
Last Weasel Standing E21. Last Weasel Standing
The band launches a reality show; competition becomes a hassle.
08 Nov 2010
Season 2
Season 2
Weasels on Deck E1. Weasels on Deck
Iron Weasel's plans to set out to board the SS Tipton to perform become tricky.
11 Oct 2010
I'm Out of the Band E2. I'm Out of the Band
The Weasels travel to Paris to persuade Tripp to rejoin them; Tripp wants to play the Super Bowl.
24 Jan 2011
Iron Weasel: The Video Game E3. Iron Weasel: The Video Game
The band gets a chance to create their own Iron Weasel video game.
24 Jan 2011
Episode #2.25 E4. Episode #2.25
Camp Weasel Rock E5. Camp Weasel Rock
The band holds a Rocky Fantasy Camp, a day camp where kids learn how to play a few songs.
07 Feb 2011
Burning Down the House E6. Burning Down the House
Beth is furious with the Weasels when the house is badly damaged during a party.
07 Mar 2011
Don't Date the Principal's Daughter E7. Don't Date the Principal's Daughter
Tripp falls for Gia, a girl at his school, then realizes that she is Principal Jenkins' daughter. The band then arranges for Beth to date Principal Jenkins so that Tripp has the op...
04 Apr 2011
Weaselgate E8. Weaselgate
Izzy is running for class president against Bryce, a creep who is friends with Principal Jenkins.
27 Jun 2011
Exteme Weasel Makeover E9. Exteme Weasel Makeover
Iron Weasel tries convincing Simon Craig to sign them on as clients.
31 Jan 2011
Chucky's Revenge E10. Chucky's Revenge
Iron Weasel is challenged with writing a new song for their record producer Simon Craig, while taking care of his son.
28 Feb 2011
Grand Theft Weasel E11. Grand Theft Weasel
Tripp tries to teach Derek, Burger and Ash a lesson about spending money frivolously.
28 Mar 2011
Who Dunnit? E12. Who Dunnit?
The band baby-sits their producer's son, Zane; Zane blackmails them by pretending to be kidnapped.
14 Mar 2011
Trippnotized E13. Trippnotized
The band accidentally hypnotizes themselves to do weird things when they hear the word "party".
07 Dec 2011
Pain Games E14. Pain Games
Iron Weasel challenges its rivals to a contest to determine who will play at the school dance.
08 Aug 2011
Weasels on a Plane E15. Weasels on a Plane
Izzy is running for class president against Bryce, a creep who is friends with Principal Jenkins.
27 Jun 2011
Iron Weasel Gets Schooled E16. Iron Weasel Gets Schooled
Iron Weasel makes a PSA to remind kids to stay in school.
15 Aug 2011
Kicked Out for Band Behavior E17. Kicked Out for Band Behavior
The band has to prove to Principal Jenkins that they are good role models when he sends social worker to Tripp's house.
26 Sep 2011
Yo Check My House E18. Yo Check My House
The band decides to turn Beth's house into a rock star playground while she is out of town.
21 Mar 2011
Prank Week 2 E19. Prank Week 2
The boys try to out-prank each other during the annual prank week.
01 Aug 2011
Lord of the Weasels E20. Lord of the Weasels
Tripp sells the band's old van without Derek's permission; To get the van back Derek must win a video game.
20 Jun 2011
Iron Weasel vs. Mini Weasel E21. Iron Weasel vs. Mini Weasel
The band proves that they are still rock stars with a plan.
03 Oct 2011
Raiders of the Lost Dad E22. Raiders of the Lost Dad
Tripp reunites with his father after a long period of absence.
09 Dec 2011
Episode #2.26 E23. Episode #2.26
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